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Team of four staff having a discussion and a table with laptops and tea/coffee. They are seated on light purple chairs. Potted plant to the left. Light blue background. Title: Training & Development delivered by WorkPlacePLUS.

During the past few years, organisations have been in crisis mode and extremely focused on daily operations. Training current and upcoming internal leaders may have been a lower priority during this time.

In today's ‘COVID normal’ climate, providing your leaders and teams with regular training is key to ensuring their effectiveness in adapting to change, resolving issues, mitigating risk, improving performance, and fostering your work culture. Training and development can also be seen as an organisational benefit which may assist with attracting and retaining staff.

Examples of training and development programs offered by WorkPlacePLUS:

🔹 Respect & Responsibility (Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination)

🔹 Family & Domestic Violence

🔹 Contact Officer Training

🔹 Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

🔹 Communication Mastery

🔹 Managing Psychological Safety in the Workplace

🔹 Performance Management Training

🔹 SCHADS: Know Your Award

🔹 Outplacement: Smooth Career Transitions

Why choose WorkPlacePLUS?

We offer tailored learning outcomes and flexible delivery options. We take the time to understand your unique goals and requirements. For example, we can incorporate your organisation's values and relevant workplace policies.

We equip participants with the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their roles.

Our programs combine ethical, best practice strategies with direct, expert feedback from our facilitators.

We ensure our programs contain the most current employment legislation and regulatory compliance information, plus all the latest evidence-based information and case studies.

Our interactive, face-to-face delivery strengthens engagement and allows practical examples to be explored during the training, and participant questions can be answered in real time.

The team at WorkPlacePLUS has extensive experience delivering training and development programs to businesses and organisations around Australia, from private practices and SMEs to multi-site hospitals, community organisations, government services, and First Nations organisations and teams. Our facilitators are professional HR consultants.

For more information or to book your program, please contact us today.

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