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SCHADS half-day training session

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The Social, Community, HomeCare and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (MA000100) (SCHADS Award) details the rates of pay for each level and each pay point for employees working in the social and community services sector. Consisting of over 100 pages of terms and conditions, the SCHADS Award is one of Australia’s most complex modern awards to decipher and implement correctly.

Did you know?...

  • Changes to the Social, Community, HomeCare and Disability Services (SCHADS) Award came into effect on 1 July 2022 and the transitional period ended on 1 October 2022.

  • On 15 March 2024, the Fair Work Commission handed down its Decision on Stage 3 of the Aged Care Work Value Case, rewarding direct care workers with pay rises of up to 28% while only committing to a maximum 7% increase for indirect care workers. "Direct care workers" may include home care workers working in the aged care sector under the SCHADS Award. No date has been announced regarding the implementation of the Award increases. We will keep our clients informed on further updates. 

As a disability and community care provider, it is important to keep track of your employer obligations under the SCHADS Award, to ensure that you are paying staff at least the minimum entitlements and mitigating the risk of a breach. The penalties for underpaying staff have never been higher, even if the infringement is an honest mistake.

Are you paying your staff the correct entitlements?

If you make a mistake interpreting and applying the SCHADS Award, you will be liable for back pay and a potential penalty. Read some recent cautionary tales >

WorkPlacePLUS now offers a SCHADS Know Your Award training to ensure your HR, payroll, and office managers are getting SCHADS right.

SCHADS Know Your Award (half-day training) - Upskill your team with a deep dive into the SCHADS Award, including interpreting and applying the latest amendments and troubleshooting common SCHADS hotspots.

This training program is available to all employers who use the SCHADS Award, including but not limited to disability, aged care, and allied health providers.

For more information or to book your SCHADS Know Your Award training, please contact us today.


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