WorkPlacePLUS provides a strategic and practical approach to managing all your HR requirements.

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Independent Workplace Investigations


Independent investigations by WorkPlacePLUS ensure the proper handling of complex workplace claims such as bullying, harassment, grievances, misconduct and non-performance of legislation and/or policies. Our experienced HR consultants are trained investigators who go above and beyond the final report by supporting your organisation towards continuous improvement. 

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Mediation & Conflict Resolution


To strengthen teams and resolve complex workplace issues, a mediation process may be required. As the neutral third-party, WorkPlacePLUS mediators facilitate effective communication, empowering the parties involved to negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes. Our skilled HR consultants are certified to perform court-mandated mediation under the National Mediation Accreditation System. 

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Cultural Reviews


A workplace cultural review is a proactive process, initiated to explore and understand the unique cultural climate of your organisation, including the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours shared by the people in your workplace. Attending to your workplace culture should be a regular part of your risk management plan.

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Training & Development


Give your managers and teams the tools they need to succeed in their roles with professional development and workplace training by WorkPlacePLUS. Categories include leadership, employer obligations, mentally healthy workplaces, communication, conflict, compliance, and culture. We offer flexible delivery options and customised programs to meet your requirements. Learn more >

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Performance Management


Performance management is an important aspect of the employee lifecycle that is often mishandled. Managers should not only set clear expectations and key result areas for their staff, but also meet with them regularly for direct, two-way communication and feedback. Certain staff issues may require a formal management process. 

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Risk & Compliance| HR Audits & Reviews


Do your contracts, policies and practices comply with current legislation? Are you promoting a safe and healthy workplace? Employers must comply with legal and best practice regulations or risk costly penalties and damaging claims. WorkPlacePLUS can help you manage your exposure to risk. Our risk assessments, HR audits and HR reviews take the headache out of WorkCover management, EBA's, payroll, HR documentation and more.


Organisational Change & Restructuring


When organisational change is needed in your workplace, this can be very challenging for both employers and employees. WorkPlacePLUS provides a range of change support services to assist with restructuring and redundancies, such as strategic planning, outplacement programs, succession planning and leadership training.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Designed to confidentially assist employees with a range of issues in a variety of ways, EAP's are offered by the employer but facilitated by an independent provider. WorkPlacePLUS offers a holistic, fully integrated EAP incorporating mental, emotional, and physical health education. Our EAP’s are positioned to deliver innovative, best practice and proactive solutions. Available via phone and secure video chat.

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EBAs, Employment Agreements & Pay Rates

Employers should take care to prepare compliant, enforceable employment agreements that are tailored to your unique organisational circumstances. WorkPlacePLUS provides industrial relations support and practical assistance with Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, employment agreements, and interpretation of Modern Awards and pay rates.

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Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching


WorkPlacePLUS provides a range of executive and governance support services to assist with strategic goal-setting, vision and mission statements, board and leadership development, team-building, risk mitigation and proactively guiding your workplace culture.

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