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WorkPlacePLUS takes a strategic and practical approach to managing all your HR requirements. Our services are flexible, cost-effective and targeted to the specific needs of your organisation.

Independent Workplace Investigations icon depicted by a light blue magnifying glass and an orange lightnigh shape inside the circle of the glass.

Independent Workplace Investigations

Independent investigations by WorkPlacePLUS ensure the proper handling of complex workplace claims such as bullying, harassment, grievances, misconduct and non-performance of legislation and/or policies. Our experienced HR consultants are trained investigators who go above and beyond the final report by supporting your organisation towards continuous improvement. 

Independent Workplace Investigations
Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Mediation & Conflict Resolution icon depicted by two light blue talking bubbles.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution
To strengthen teams and resolve complex workplace issues, a mediation or facilitated discussion may be required. As the neutral third-party, WorkPlacePLUS can facilitate effective communication within teams and enable the negotiation of mutually acceptable outcomes. Our skilled HR consultants are certified to perform court-mandated mediation under the National Mediation Accreditation System. 

Workplace Cultural Reviews icon depicted by a white happy face, a blue neutral face and an organge sad face.

Workplace Cultural Reviews
A workplace cultural review is a proactive process, initiated to explore and understand the unique cultural climate of your organisation, including the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours shared by the people in your workplace, and any recurring themes or areas needing improvement. Monitoring and managing your workplace culture should be a regular part of your risk management plan. 

Cultural Reviews
Complex HR Consulting & Outsourcing icon depicted by a honeycomb shaped matrix of people icons.

Complex HR Consulting & Outsourcing
WorkPlacePLUS provides support for a broad range of complex workplace matters e.g. performance management, change management, right sizing, work, health and safety (WHS), risk and regulatory compliance, interpretation and implementation of modern awards, strategic planning, governance and more. Our experienced HR consultants have the specialised skills required for each project or task. Whether your needs are short or long term, WorkPlacePLUS is happy to assist. 

Complex HR Consulting & Outsourcing
Policies, Agreements & Documentation icon depicted by a white checklist with light blue check boxes.

Policies, Agreements & Documentation​
Employers must ensure their policies, processes and employment agreements are up to date and compliant with the latest employment regulations. WorkPlacePLUS assists with the review and development of enforceable HR documentation that is tailored to your unique organisational circumstances and aligned with best practice standards. 

Policies, Agreements & Documentation​
Training & Development icon depicted by a white light bulb with an orange cog inside.

Training & Development Programs
Providing your managers, supervisors and teams with regular learning and development opportunities helps ensure they clearly understand and meet the organisation’s expectations. Give your staff the tools they need to succeed in their roles with training programs by WorkPlacePLUS. We offer flexible delivery options and customised programs to meet your requirements.

Training & Development
EAP Workplace Wellness icon depicted by blue hands holding a light blue lotus flower.

EAP & Workplace Wellness
WorkPlacePLUS offers a range of practical tools and strategies to support employee wellbeing and promote a healthy workplace culture. Our holistic, fully integrated Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is positioned to deliver innovative, best practice and proactive solutions, incorporating mental, emotional, and physical health education. 

Light blue rectangular button. White on dark grey phone icon wiht the text "Let's chat! Make an appointment"

WorkPlacePLUS provides outsourced HR support, when you need it. Independent Workplace Investigations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Cultural Reviews, Complex HR Consulting & Outsourcing, Training & Development Programs, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Workplace Wellness. WorkPlacePLUS supports employers Australia-wide with a broad range of workplace matters, such as serious incidents e.g. bullying or sexual harassment claims; change management e.g. right sizing or implementing new infection control protocols; resolving disputes e.g. unfair dismissal claims or team conflict; facilitating difficult discussions e.g. performance management; developing or updating HR documentation e.g. policies and employment agreements, and fostering a fair, inclusive and mentally healthy workplace culture.

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