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Facing staff challenges with confidence

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Research shows that most workplace errors are a result of poor communication.

In addition, poor communication underlies a number of organisational risks, such as:

  • strained workplace relationships

  • work-related stress

  • poorly managed performance

  • poor staff engagement and productivity

  • poorly managed workplace change

In recent years, issues related to the pandemic and post pandemic business trends have further raised the stakes in workplace communication. For example,WorkPlacePLUS has seen rising cases of supervisors struggling to address particular types of staff concerns, such as:

  • anxiety-based conflict

  • change fatigue

  • hybrid working arrangements

  • returning to the workplace

  • managing teams remotely and monitoring engagement

  • increasing claims of work-related stress and burnout

  • increasing rates of staff turnover

  • managing restructuring, redeployment or redundancy

With workplace demands and staff needs becoming increasingly complex, it is vital that managers and supervisors strengthen their communication competency.

WorkPlacePLUS offers a training and development program called COMMUNICATION MASTERY, designed to help managers and supervisors face staff challenges with confidence.

COMMUNICATION MASTERY equips participants with the practical communication skills that are essential for managing staff in a changing work landscape, and mitigating the risks associated with workplace conflict and poor communication.

This program includes a deep dive into preparing for and having courageous conversations in the workplace.

For more information, please contact us today.


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