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Facing staff challenges with confidence

The changing landscape of working life continues to present new challenges to managers and supervisors. For example:

  • Communicating to staff about changes in the workplace

  • Managing requests for new, flexible or hybrid working arrangements or roles

  • Managing teams remotely and monitoring engagement

  • Addressing staff concerns e.g. returning to the workplace, vaccine passports

  • Addressing complaints or grievances

  • Supporting employee wellbeing

Research shows that most workplace issues are a result of poor communication. With workplace demands and staff needs becoming increasingly complex, it is vital that managers and supervisors strengthen their communication competency.

WorkPlacePLUS now offers two new training and development opportunities for your managers and supervisors.

COMMUNICATION MASTERY equips managers and supervisors with the practical communication skills that are essential for managing staff in the new “COVID-normal” work landscape and mitigating the risks associated with workplace conflict and poor communication. This program includes a deep dive into preparing for and having courageous conversations in the workplace.

MANAGER ADVANCE PROGRAM provides managers and supervisors with quick access to 1:1 solution-focused coaching and professional development, designed to build their emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience. This program delivers a range of practical tools and strategies that are tailored to the individual’s needs.

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