Respect and responsibility in the workplace

Debates around discrimination, violence and misconduct have been in the global spotlight for years, especially with the global explosion of the Me Too movement, followed by the re-eruption of the Black Lives Matter movement. Reports and allegations of workplace sexual harassment are still appearing regularly in the Australian media today.

Violence, harassment and discrimination are age-old issues, yet the retaliation message is getting louder: these behaviours will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviours must be called out and addressed, at every level of society, including the workplace.

Did you know?...

Workplace sexual harassment is prevalent and pervasive: it occurs in every industry, in every location and at every level, in Australian workplaces. Australians, across the country, are suffering the financial, social, emotional, physical and psychological harm associated with sexual harassment. This is particularly so for women.

From an organisational perspective, these insights pose significant risks to everyone involved, not to mention the fall out cost to the employers through lost productivity, high staff turnover, complaints, litigation, workers’ compensation claims, reputational damage, and toxic workplace cultures.

We are all responsible for standing up against bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence.

You can take a proactive approach by reviewing your workplace culture and offering your managers and teams a refresher training on bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Our Respect & Responsibility in the Workplace training program is tailored to go beyond the usual bullying, harassment, and discrimination session by promoting your organisational values, effective communication, and a positive workplace culture, while providing an understanding of relevant legislation and organisational policies.

This program is currently being facilitated remotely, via video conferencing technology.

Topics Covered
  • Workplace Culture

  • Unacceptable Behaviours

  • Case Studies

  • Speaking Up

  • The Manager’s Role

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • The link between leadership, values, behaviour and culture

  • Workplace culture as a factor for mitigating organisational risk

  • What is unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying?

  • Legal considerations, risk factors & case studies

  • The three elements of the manager's role in preventing unacceptable behaviours and modelling appropriate behaviours

  • The appropriate processes for responding to conflict, reporting issues and addressing complaints

  • The importance of utilising the company’s policies and procedures

  • Key communication tools

  • What is appropriate performance management?

  • Resources and support

Are you ready to challenge your workplace culture?

WorkPlacePLUS can customise a training program to suit the specific needs of your organisation. For more information, please contact us today.