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10 tips for supporting men’s health in the workplace

Cardiovascular diseases, mental illness, suicide, cancer, back pain and diabetes are some of the top diseases and health burdens affecting men in Australia, according to the Health of Australian Males report by the AIHW. Men who wait too long to address health issues are at further risk of developing severe health complications.

Employers can support the health and wellbeing of their staff by promoting a healthy workplace culture and offering routine health assessments. Routine health checks also help to reduce absenteeism and support an aging workforce.

10 tips for supporting men’s health in the workplace:

  1. Review your Workplace Health & Safety protocols

  2. Offer routine employee health checks

  3. Provide educational resources and training programs

  4. Promote physical activity to counteract sedentary behaviour at work

  5. Encourage employees to take proper breaks and get some fresh air and movement

  6. Provide healthy snacks e.g. fruit

  7. Offer wellness days or health leave so employees can manage their own health needs

  8. Offer an Employee Assistance Program

  9. Provide additional support to your aging workforce

  10. Offer health checks to employees who are exiting the business

Workplace stress in particular is now widely recognised as a major workplace health and safety risk factor. Leaders and managers play a central role in mitigating the risks of workplace stress and promoting a healthy workplace.

WorkPlacePLUS offers a number of support services to help you promote a healthy workplace. For more information, please contact us today.


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