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Have your managers received proper training?

WorkPlacePLUS offers a range of training & development programs for directors, executives, managers and supervisors. For more information, please contact Anna Pannuzzo on 0419 533 434

Many organisations recognise and promote their good performers into team leader roles, creating an opportunity to strengthen the organisational culture and loyalty when the right candidate is selected. From our experience, however, very few organisations provide their prospective team leaders with the practical tools and leadership skills to succeed in their new position. This ultimately becomes a costly oversight.

If staff performance and risk management are key to your organisation achieving its goals and budgets then training and development should not be an afterthought. Trimming the training and development expense when budgets are under pressure can have a detrimental impact on productivity and mental health in the workplace, with an increase in employee turnover.

Increased productivity, reduced employee turnover and promoting a mentally healthy workplace are just some of the many good reasons to provide your staff with proper training. Even the most experienced managers need to keep up with current workplace legislation. Letting this slide exposes your organisation to risk.

Reminder: staff should be doing a refresher training relevant to their role every two years

In addition, issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing landscape of working life continue to present new challenges to managers and supervisors. For example:

  • Communicating to staff about changes in the workplace

  • Managing requests for new, flexible or hybrid working arrangements or roles

  • Managing teams remotely and monitoring engagement

  • Addressing staff concerns e.g. returning to the workplace, vaccine passports

  • Addressing complaints or grievances

  • Supporting employee wellbeing

Now more than ever, it is crucial to provide your leadership team with good support structures and tools for success.

The team at WorkPlacePLUS has extensive experience in facilitating workplace training programs to leaders and teams in Australian workplaces. Our range of practical training programs address areas such as bullying and harassment, performance management, workforce planning, legal compliance, communication strategies and empowering your staff to excel.

Directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders and staff all benefit from our specialised interactive trainings, as participants are equipped with the required tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their roles.

Examples of training and development programs offered by WorkPlacePLUS:

  • Communication Mastery

  • Respect & Responsibility (Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination)

  • Family & Domestic Violence

  • Contact Officer Training

  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • Psychological Safety & Mentally Healthy Workplaces

  • SCHADS: Know Your Award

  • Outplacement Program: Smooth Career Transitions

For more information, please contact us today.

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