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Tools for workplace wellness

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During the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, we’ve seen a surge in claims of work-related stress. More than ever, it is important for employers to support employee wellbeing and promote a healthy workplace culture.

WorkPlacePLUS offers practical tools and strategies to enhance your existing workplace wellness program or customise a new one. Choose from our range of flexible options:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Our independent EAP supports senior managers, business owners and employees through confidential counselling and education, delivered conveniently via telehealth and teleconferencing.

⚡️NEW⚡️ "Wellbeing Day" Onsite Chats – As a component of your workplace wellbeing program, our lead EAP consultant can attend your workplace for a day, to facilitate 1:1 informal "RUOK?" discussions with your staff.

Mental Health Policy – Comply with workplace health and safety laws and provide clear guidance to managers and staff by developing a workplace mental health policy, which will include your strategy for prevention, intervention and recovery.

Respect@Work + Psychological Safety Risk Assessments – Take a WHS risk management approach to ensuring your workplace is equipped to manage the risk of psychosocial hazards in the workplace, including but not limited to bullying, discrimination, workplace sexual harassment and victimisation.

Staff Wellbeing Survey – Assess the needs of your employees with a confidential survey, facilitated independently by WorkPlacePLUS. This is a good first step in determining which wellbeing tools are best suited to your specific workplace.

Facilitated Group Discussions – Communication is key to workplace wellbeing. Stay connected, reduce stigma and build a culture of peer-support by discussing mental health in a safe setting. Our facilitators are experienced in mediation and counselling.

⚡️NEW⚡️ Reflective Practice Program 1:1 solution-focused coaching, professional development and workplace improvement, designed to build employees' emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces – This training and development program delivered by WorkPlacePLUS empowers leaders and supervisors to mitigate the risks of workplace stress and promote a mentally healthy workplace. Included are discussions on legislative requirements, risks, prevention, intervention and support.


Flexible Working Arrangements, Workplace Adjustments & Health Leave – WorkPlacePLUS can advise you on providing leave or adjusting an employee’s role, workload or roster to help them meet certain mental, physical or personal needs.

Reward & Recognition – Celebrating and valuing your staff for their efforts is a proven strategy for boosting positivity and helping to protect your team from burnout. WorkPlacePLUS can assist with succession planning and developing a recognition program that fits your business model.

Routine Health Checks – Health screening can save lives by assisting in the prevention and early detection of health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. WorkPlacePLUS can coordinate onsite health checks for your employees.

Workplace wellness programs provide important benefits to both your staff and your business, from improved health and performance outcomes to decreased absenteeism and claims.

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