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Privacy in the workplace

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The Fair Work Act 2009 requires all employers to keep certain personal information about employees in their employee records. Most organisations also collect and store personal data about their clientele.

Any personal information collected in your workplace must be kept secure. A data breach could trigger a range of serious consequences for your organisation and the individuals involved.

Do your staff know how to handle personal information?

PRIVACY IN THE WORKPLACE is a workplace training and development program designed to educate managers, supervisors and staff on how to manage employee and client records and how to mitigate the risk of a data breach. Included are discussions on Australian privacy laws, your organisation’s privacy and confidentiality policy, employer/employee obligations, and the proper handling of personal information.

Throughout this interactive training session, participants will engage in reflective practice, applying their learning to real situations in the workplace, with the benefit of feedback and support from our experienced facilitator.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • What is privacy and personal information?

  • The applicable privacy laws and industry guidelines

  • Your organisation’s privacy and confidentiality policy

  • Best practice tips and processes for handling and protecting personal information

  • How clients or employees can access or correct their own personal information

  • How to handle a privacy or data breach

  • How to handle common privacy hotspots in your organisation

Topics covered

1. Principles of Privacy & Industry Guidelines

2. Managing Privacy in Your Organisation

3. Employer & Employee Obligations

4. Troubleshooting Privacy & Confidentiality Scenarios

For more information or to book your training, please contact us today.


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