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Your Essential SME HR Toolkit

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Ready to set up your business?

The milestone of opening and operating your own enterprise, such as a private practice, brings with it a myriad of responsibilities around running a business and employing staff.

A Human Resources (HR) manager would normally be able to ensure that your employment contracts, policies, procedures, documents and recordkeeping are compliant with current employment regulations and legislation. However, most new business owners start by doing their all of their own admin, without seeking professional employment advice.

To support private practice owners and small business start-ups, WorkPlacePLUS has developed an Essential HR Toolkit, containing the documents, checklists and policies that you need to set up your practice or business. This HR starter-kit provides the foundation for your HR suite of documentation and requirements.

The Essential HR Toolkit is also suitable for established businesses who want to ensure that their HR documentation and processes are compliant with current employment regulations and reflective of the changes to working life due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Essential HR Toolkit includes:

  • Employment Agreement - Permanent or Part-Time

  • Position Description - Practitioner or Administrative

  • 5 Key HR Policies e.g. Code of Conduct, WHS (Work Health & Safety), Privacy, Leave, Performance Management, Complaints & Grievances

  • 2 Extra HR Policies e.g. Infection Control, Working from Home, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Extensive Recruitment Pack - Procedure & Checklist, Interview Questions, Reference Checking

  • Probation Process & Checklist

  • Onboarding Process & Checklist

  • Termination Process & Checklist

  • Communication Documents for Employees e.g. Equal Employment Opportunity, Employee Assistance Program

WorkPlacePLUS will tailor the Essential HR Toolkit to your specific business needs. You can select additional or fewer items to suit your budget and business requirements.

This significant collection of HR documentation includes explanatory notes and access to WorkPlacePLUS customer support, to help you successfully implement your HR processes with current and future staff.

For more information, please contact us today.


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