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Using AI in the workplace comes with risks

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While generative AI tools like ChatGPT can be useful, their utilisation in the workplace poses a number of red flags such as:

  • Privacy and data protection 

  • Bias and Discrimination

  • False and misleading information


An employee using AI may unintentionally disclose private or confidential information. Also, AI systems are designed to learn from data and make decisions based on patterns and algorithms. However, these systems are not immune to biases, misinformation, and disinformation present in the data they are trained on.


It’s important to note that generative AI tools may not be an accurate and reliable source of information on Australia’s workplace relations system.


Utilising AI advice for workplace relations matters may create compliance issues, including unenforceable HR protocols or employment contracts. Is the employer who uses AI willing to wear the compliance risks associated with misinterpreting AI results, or failing to fact-check the results?


Accurate and reliable workplace relations information can be accessed via the following sources:


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