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Workplace Investigations & HR Support

WorkPlacePLUS supports employers Australia-wide with a broad range of people+culture matters. Our services are flexible and tailored to your needs.


WorkPlacePLUS can partner with you to:

+ Develop measures to prevent and respond to workplace issues

+ Comply with various employment regulations and mitigate risk

+ Deliver practical business outcomes

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WorkPlacePLUS provides outsourced HR support, when you need it. Independent Workplace Investigations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Cultural Reviews, Complex HR Consulting & Outsourcing, Training & Development Programs, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Workplace Wellness. WorkPlacePLUS supports employers Australia-wide with a broad range of workplace matters, such as serious incidents e.g. bullying or sexual harassment claims; change management e.g. right sizing or implementing new infection control protocols; resolving disputes e.g. unfair dismissal claims or team conflict; facilitating difficult discussions e.g. performance management; developing or updating HR documentation e.g. policies and employment agreements, and fostering a fair, inclusive and mentally healthy workplace culture.

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