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Anna Pannuzzo was interviewed on ABC Radio National about toxic work cultures

Is it time to review your workplace culture?

Last week I was interviewed on ABC Radio National about toxic work cultures - what they look like, how they impact on people and what can be done to address the causes and consequences of workplace toxicity.

Listen to the podcast here >

The five key signs of a dysfunctional workplace are:

1. Poor leadership and lack of support

2. Poor communication

3. Poor attitude and fixed mindset

4. Lack of teamwork

5. Staff conflict

When a workplace culture is so dysfunctional that it is having a negative impact on staff’s health and wellbeing, it could be classified as a toxic workplace.

A toxic workplace can manifest in countless undesirable ways, such as a high turnover of senior management, absenteeism, a gossip culture, low productivity, workplace claims and bad vibes amongst staff.

Why bother fixing your toxic workplace?

Positive work cultures promote happy, loyal and productive staff. Employers also have legal obligations under Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) and the Fairwork Act to ensure they are maintaining safe, healthy and fair working conditions.

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