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An open letter to our clients and team

WorkPlacePLUS provides independent workplace investigations, conflict resolution, training programs, organisational change, performance management, risk & compliance management, flexible cost-effective solutions.

Dear WorkPlacePLUS Community,

Throughout the month of October, WorkPlacePLUS has been celebrating a milestone – five years in business!

Five years ago, after 20+ years as a senior HR manager, I decided to step out on my own and start an integrated HR consultancy. I knew this was the best way for me to help employers to achieve their goals.

For five years, WorkPlacePLUS has been supporting and assisting Australian employers to navigate all the complexities, benefits and risks that go hand in hand with employing staff. And we're still going strong!

When I look at how WorkPlacePLUS has grown over the past 5 years, I feel very proud of our hard-working team and the meaningful work that we do. I cannot thank the WorkPlacePLUS team enough for their talent, professionalism and camaraderie. As a part of our birthday celebrations, WorkPlacePLUS hosted a terrific team appreciation day:

Celebrating the WorkPlacePLUS Team

I would like to extend my very special thanks to our valued clients for supporting WorkPlacePLUS.

Many of our clients are not-for-profit organisations dedicated to helping and caring for Australians in need. Some of our clients already have an HR department, but require unbiased support for managing organisational change or resolving conflict. Other clients operate in small teams with limited resources, so they rely on having flexible access to our services.

All of our business relationships are built on trust and transparency. Engaging an experienced HR consultant from WorkPlacePLUS has proven to be an effective way for our clients to meet their employer obligations without diverting their team’s focus away from their primary roles.

To help mark the occasion of our business birthday, WorkPlacePLUS has launched a video – please check it out (with the sound on) and share it with your colleagues and professional network. I would love to get your feedback!

Click here to watch the WorkPlacePLUS video

I hope this video might spark some valuable conversations within your workplace. If it’s got you thinking about your own workplace culture, let’s chat. You can reach me on (03) 9492 0958 or via our contact page.

Kindest regards,

Anna Pannuzzo

Director, WorkPlacePLUS

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