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The treadmill of COVIDsafe workplace compliance

3 key actions for employers

As we continue to live and work alongside COVID-19, the onus is on employers to keep up with frequent changes public health orders and endeavour to maintain a safe workplace in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Each time COVIDSafe requirements change in your jurisdiction or industry, there are 3 key steps every employer should take as an initial measure:

1. Read the current public health orders in your jurisdiction.

Public health directions differ between each state and territory and for different businesses or industries, so it is important to review the directions that apply to your workplace on a regular basis.

2. Review your workplace plans, policies and processes.

Having the right policies, procedures and systems in place is key to effectively meeting your employer obligations and strategically managing your exposure to risk.

It is important for the board and the director and/or employer to conduct risk assessments to identify the key business risks, assess their probability of occurrence, and rate these risks.

For a business with a high reliance and dependency on staff, Human Resources will be a key business risk and most employers would have a range of policies, procedures and systems in place. Employers may also bring in a consultant with subject matter expertise to ensure that they have adequate and effective internal controls.

To ensure the effectiveness of the relevant internal controls, staff need to be aware and regularly trained on the respective of policies, procedures and systems.

3. Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements with your staff.

It is very important to communicate both verbally and in writing any new compliance requirements with your staff. As the employer or duty holder, you are responsible for ensuring that your communication plan is effective i.e. that your messaging has been received and understood. Always provide ample opportunity for your staff to ask questions, give feedback or voice their concerns. Make sure that all written communications are kept for your records.

COVID-related workplace requirements can be challenging for some managers and supervisors. Support is available, learn more >

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