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Poor performance or poor behaviour? | Best Practice, ABC RN

Manager and worker having a performance review or disciplinary meeting.

To meet service, quality and safety standards, managers are required to promote continuous improvement in team performance and individual job performances. This includes addressing the situation when an individual's or team's performance seems "off".

What’s your leadership approach to managing poor behaviours in the workplace?

When I spoke last week with Richard Aedy on ABC Radio National’s “Best Practice” program, we discussed a whole range of staff issues that managers face, such as lateness, non-attendance, attire, group emails, unsatisfactory work, office romances, and more.

During our discussion, I explained that managers need to be able to distinguish between a performance issue and a behavioural issue, as each pertains to a different set of rules, expectations and consequences. Listen now >

WorkPlacePLUS offer a range of support services to help employers address performance and behaviour issues in the workplace.

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