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When I spoke last week with Richard Aedy on ABC Radio National’s “Best Practice” program, we discussed a whole range of staff issues that managers face, such as lateness, non-attendance, attire, group emails, unsatisfactory work, office romances, and more.

During our discussion, I explained that managers need to be able to distinguish between a performance issue and a behavioural issue, as each pertains to a different set of rules, expectations and consequences.

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When it comes to managing poor behaviour in the workplace, it helps to take a collaborative, flexible and situational leadership approach.

Conflict within the workplace is often caused by differing personalities and communication styles. As a senior manager, your ability to read or assess the preferred communication and behavioural styles of each of staff members can help you achieve the right balance and diversity for optimal teamwork and productivity.

If you are receiving complaints or sensing “bad vibes” amongst the team, you may be dealing with clashing personalities, or you may be dealing with actual breaches of policy i.e. inappropriate conduct.

You can see the layers of complexity in your role as manager. You need to understand the rules, boundaries and expectations set forth in your organisation’s policies. You need to investigate what has actually occurred, or what may be occurring. And you need the emotional intelligence and training to be able to perceive different behavioural styles and adjust your communication style accordingly.

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