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How to build a winning team: PART 1

Hiring great attitudes helps to build awesome teams. For more information, training and support, contact Anna Pannuzzo on 0419 533 434 or visit

Are you facing workforce challenges?

This two-part article is intended to help you build the right team for your organisation.

PART ONE: Choosing Wisely

It should go without saying that employing the right team is paramount to the success of your organisation.

If you get it right, the result is a harmonious workplace, a high-performing team and most importantly, satisfied clients who are respected and well cared-for.

If you get it wrong, the risks and potential consequences can be a nightmare. At best, you may have to deal with low productivity and a toxic workplace culture. At worst, you could face serious complaints and penalties, while jeopardising the safety of your clients and staff.

Employers have two important windows of opportunity to hire the right people: The recruitment phase and the probation period.

The Recruitment Phase

Before you take on a new employee, you should clarify your employment obligations ahead of time, including all of the details related to the job description, employment contracts, policies, procedures and job training.

Once you’ve narrowed down your candidates, how do you choose the right person for your team?

Hiring For Attitude

The most important factor to consider when recruiting a new employee is not qualifications or even shared values. The key to successful recruitment and retention of awesome team members is recruiting for the right ATTITUDE.

Conflict within the workplace can be caused by a bad attitude towards clients, the employer or other staff. When recruiting new staff and putting a team together, your ability to read or assess other people’s attitude, personality, motivators and preferred communication styles will help you achieve the right balance and diversity for optimal teamwork and productivity. There are behavioural science tools available, such as personality profiling, that can help screen and assess candidates.

Your successful candidate will most likely already have the pre-requisite skills to do the job, and hopefully they have impressed you with their keen and positive attitude towards the job. The first few weeks of employment will determine whether they are a good culture fit for your business!

PART TWO of this article discusses the all-important probationary period of employment. Click here to read PART TWO: The Probation Period

Cultivating Your Workplace Culture

As your workforce grows, remember that hiring great attitudes helps to build awesome teams. There are many proactive steps you can take to ensure you are maintaining a positive workplace culture. For more information, training and support, please contact us today.

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