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Investigating worker-client issues

A hand putting a complaint or negative feedback into the feedback box. A magnifying glass symbolising an investigation of the issue or complaint. WorkPlacePLUS investigates worker-client issues.

How do you resolve stakeholder complaints?

Complaints, allegations, incidents, or disputes involving an employee and a service-user, stakeholder or client require a prompt response by the organisation.

An independent workplace investigation is a formal fact-finding process that must be conducted professionally from interview stage through to the final report. Types of worker-client issues requiring a formal investigation may include:

Crossing professional boundaries e.g., becoming too personally involved, personally over-disclosing, overuse of touch

Harassment e.g., sexual harassment, violence, abuse, threats, intimidation, gaslighting

Misconduct or neglect e.g., breaking code of conduct, failing duty of care

Quality of service dissatisfaction or disputes e.g., complaint of poor or unmet services

Breaching privacy or confidentiality e.g., mishandling of client information, a suspected data breach involving a client's sensitive information

Breach of safety or record keeping protocols causing risk or harm

Historical conflict between the organisation and the stakeholder or family member.

WorkPlacePLUS takes a respectful, communication-centred approach to investigating worker-client issues. By getting to the heart of the matter, we can identify and recommended the next steps forward towards resolution.

WorkPlacePLUS has a qualified team of HR consultants with extensive experience in investigating worker-client conflict, complaints and issues in the healthcare, community care, NFP and public sectors. We always follow fair process and best practice standards with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

Method of Delivery: Virtual vs. In-Person

The team at WorkPlacePLUS conducts independent workplace investigations both in-person and virtually, Australia-wide.

When delivering independent workplace investigations online, WorkPlacePLUS meets the same exceptional standards we are known for in-person. We achieve this by:

planning ahead to mitigate technical issues

planning ahead to ensure privacy

using clear, direct communication

adhering to procedural fairness

obtaining and maintaining detailed records

gathering and safeguarding physical evidence

ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive documentation and personal information

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