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“But we already have an HR department…” Five reasons to engage an independent workplace investigator

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There are many different ways to approach human resources management. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may have a HR team, or one HR generalist employed in your organisation.

The issues commence when the manager receives a complaint or negative feedback from a staff member. As soon as this occurs, there is a range of thought processes, lines of questioning, evidence and facts that need to be collected. Most HR professionals are either are not formerly trained in conducting workplace investigations or do not have adequate time to allocate towards this urgent matter.

5 reasons to engage an independent workplace investigator:

1. Lack of sufficient internal resources. Can you afford to redirect your HR staff resources away from their day-to-day operations? Do they know how to conduct a workplace investigation? A poorly-planned and implemented investigation will expose your organisation to a number of additional risks and costs.

2. Objectivity. Internal workplace investigations can be prone to accusations of lack of transparency or perceived conflict of interest. An independent workplace investigator can provide an unbiased perspective and reduce the potential for these claims.

3. Efficiency. Resolving a complaint requires prompt action. An independent workplace investigator will be solely focused on the investigation and support the management of the process within the appropriate time frames.

4. Serious allegations. If there is a complaint against a member of staff, or a serious allegation that may require organisational culture and operating frameworks to be considered, an independent investigator has the capacity to bring a fresh perspective to the situation and offer change management support.

5. Third party legal requirements. Certain complaints and grievances have the potential to lead to litigation or involve third party intervention, e.g. allegations of discrimination and potential workers’ compensation claims such as bullying or harassment. Third parties such as insurers and unions may require an organisation to hire an independent workplace investigator.

Workplace investigations must adhere to natural justice principles, confidentiality, rules of evidence, compliance, and health and safety regulations. These standards help to ensure a fair and equitable process for all and allow an organisation to respond with the appropriate action.

WorkPlacePLUS provides professional workplace investigation services of the highest standard. We are able to support you meet your organisation's obligations under various legislation such as Fair Work Act and Work, Health & Safety, while you continue to focus on your business. Our HR consultants are trained private investigators.

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