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Recruiting rockstars and retaining top talent | This Working Life, ABC RN

Your rockstar employees need to fit the culture of the organisation

In the "Lisa's Little Tips" segment of This Working Life on ABC RN, Lisa Leong asked Anna Pannuzzo why we need rockstars in the office.

In short, we do not need ego-inflated demigods in the office. We do need strong candidates with great attitudes who fit the culture of the organisation.

But how do we retain high-performing employees?...

Hiring for attitude is one of the keys to successful recruitment and retention of top talent.

Skills can always be developed, whereas a bad attitude towards tasks, clients, the employer or other staff can cause conflict and a toxic workplace.

Another key when it comes to talent retention is awesome leadership and culture.

There is a saying that “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses.” There are variations on this, such as “they leave bad managers” or “they leave toxic workplace cultures.” The sentiment is the same.

Very rarely do top performers stay in a job just for the money. High-performing employees tend to be loyal to great leaders and awesome workplace cultures. They want their views heard and respected, their achievements acknowledged, and their leaders to be emotionally intelligent with strong communication skills.

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