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Workplace Cultural Reviews

Culture counts in your workplace

A tense or toxic workplace culture puts your organisation and people at risk and often results in:

  • costly mistakes

  • low productivity

  • high staff turnover

  • complaints and grievances

  • health and safety incidents

  • compliance notices from the Fair Work Ombudsman or your industry regulator

Attending to the workplace culture should be an integral part of every organisation’s risk management plan, and the board should be regularly updated on all key risks so that they can fulfil their directors’ responsibilities.

Are you soliciting feedback from your employees?

Workplace cultural reviews are a great tool for measuring staff engagement and assessing an organisation’s cultural climate. The review process allows senior management and the board to proactively identify and mitigate any potential red flags or highlight any common themes that may need to be addressed.

Regular cultural reviews can be the catalyst for constructive workplace change and the advancement of workplace relationships, staff engagement, productivity, safety, and performance.

WorkPlacePLUS has a qualified team of consultants with extensive experience facilitating cultural reviews and providing organisations an objective perspective of the team culture.

There are several ways to conduct a cultural review. WorkPlacePLUS offers a range of delivery options:

Online surveys - A practical way to canvas a large group of employees. The subject matter of the review is tailored to your needs. For example, some clients may want to broadly gauge staff engagement, whereas others may want to solicit feedback on specific matters, such as the introduction of new systems or processes.

Stay interviews - Confidential 1:1 discussions designed to understand what motivates your employees to come to work each day, how they are supported in performing their roles, and how you can continue to retain them as valued members of the team.

Exit interviews - Confidential 1:1 discussions with a staff member who is exiting the organisation, designed to encourage feedback on their experience working in your organisation and their reasons for leaving. It is also their opportunity to raise any organisational issues which contributed to them making the move.

Consultations for workplace change – Employee surveys and interviews can be used to facilitate the consultation process of your change management strategy by soliciting feedback on specific workplace matters or projects.

Hybrid formats – We can conduct your review using a combination of online survey and 1:1 interview.

Each carefully controlled review delivered by WorkPlacePLUS allows employees to provide crucial feedback in a safe and confidential setting, helping to uncover any trends, hotspots or feedback which may need to be considered. WorkPlacePLUS can then support the board and leadership team to identify and implement opportunities for improvement resulting from the cultural review.

Employers can also consider a Respect@Work + Psychological Safety Risk Assessment - This is a formal, consultative WHS risk management approach to assessing your workplace culture, based on current employment legislation and best practice WHS strategies.

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