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Your HR manager is under the pump

For the majority of 2020, many workplaces had to flip from “business-as-usual” to “crisis management” mode. Those that previously hadn’t considered a pandemic plan soon began actioning one, in earnest efforts to maintain business continuity and keep staff and clients safe.

For most HR managers, the new priority became keeping staff employed and ensuring that everyone is following infection control protocols.

We are still now dealing with the interruptions brought on by the pandemic. Certain challenges remain at the forefront, such as leave entitlements, stand downs, redundancies, accessing government subsidies, making sure staff are fit-for-work, updating safety protocols and supporting the mental health of employees.

HR staff are also scrambling to update their policies and employment contracts, to factor in the “new normals” of staff working remotely, considering staff vaccination status, staff needing to quarantine, parents needing more flexibility due to remote learning, the wearing of face masks, and the list goes on.

⚠️ The problem is, other HR challenges are taking a back seat, such as performance issues, tension and conflict, high stress, and complaints and grievances. Letting these issues fester will cause them to escalate and expose you to a number of risks!

The key to dealing with workplace issues is to address them immediately

WorkPlacePLUS is available to assist.

Even during lockdown, WorkPlacePLUS is here for you. We remain open and can partner with your HR manager to ensure the proper handling of difficult HR challenges.

Examples of ways WorkPlacePLUS can assist:

✔︎ Conducting independent workplace investigations

✔︎ Facilitating mediation and conflict resolution

✔︎ Managing claims of bullying, harassment or discrimination

✔︎ Managing claims of unfair dismissal

✔︎ Reviewing and updating HR documentation

✔︎ Developing appropriate staff communications

✔︎ Reviewing the current workplace culture

✔︎ Supporting morale, engagement, and mental health

✔︎ Providing independent employee assistance services

If your HR manager is under the pump, WorkPlacePLUS can help. For more information, please contact us today.


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