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Ready 4 Work

Speech Pathology Australia and WorkPlacePLUS have collaborated on a series of learning videos to help early career speech pathologists to prepare for entering the workforce.

Speech Pathology Australia has created a series of learning resources to help and prepare those in the final year of their speech pathology course or early career professionals.

These resources include a series of videos and podcasts on topics pertinent to understanding and preparing for the workplace.

WorkPlacePLUS has contributed HR advice to these Ready 4 Work videos:

Pay and awards >

Employment contracts >

Work Arrangements: contractors and employees >

Starting work requirements >

Follow the above links to access each video, or find them on our Media Page.

WorkPlacePLUS is the preferred national HR and ER provider for Speech Pathology Australia and their members. Since 2015, WorkPlacePLUS has been supporting Speech Pathology Australia Members with HR issues such as employment contracts, interpretation of pay rates, staff performance management and much more.

WorkPlacePLUS can bring added value to the membership benefits program in your industry association. For more information, please contact us today.

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