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Your Vaccination Policy

Updated 18 August 2021

While there is no work, health and safety (WHS) requirement that you must implement a policy around the COVID-19 vaccine, it is important for all employers to review and update their organisational WHS policies regarding infection control and COVID-19 in the workplace.


For disability organisations intending to mandate or even strongly encourage COVID-19 vaccinations, it is advisable to develop a vaccination policy.

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A tailored vaccination policy is the appropriate way for employers to establish their approach to COVID-19 vaccination and provide clear guidance to your staff on the measures taken to reduce the work health and safety risks relating to infectious diseases such as influenza and COVID-19.


Your vaccination policy will usually be a component of your existing infection control policy. It could be a stand-alone document, or it could be linked to other relevant workplace literature e.g. other policies, employment contracts or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.


Your vaccination policy should include:

  • Information about your organisation’s vaccination program and implementation plan

  • How you will manage communications, record-keeping and privacy

  • Your processes for managing scenarios whereby an employee chooses not to be vaccinated

  • Employer and employee responsibilities


NDS members  who want  to review their organisation’s vaccination documentation can contact WorkPlacePLUS via NDS’s online professional advisory form.


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